Ebénisterie d 'art Martin

Restauration - Conservation du Patrimoine Mobilier

The copying of antique furniture is one of the most complex in ebenistery.  It requires concentration, discipline and precision. It can be practiced with an existant piece of furniture or from photos.

The first phase requires studying the object by drawing and modeling to establish the dimensions an proportions.  Then follows actually realizing the plan.  Here we work following "Pied de Roy" or the metric unit following and respecting the techniques used at the time the object was made.

The wood for our copies are cut mechanically (sawn or filed) then put through a planer to ensure there will be no signs of any modern tools used.  Thereafter, we work by hand using the tools originally used. Our copies are aged and teinted to look like the original.


All our copies are realized in collaboration with other professions: sculptors, marquetry workers, locksmiths, engravers, decorators etc.

Example of copy of furniture :

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