Ebénisterie d 'art Martin

Restauration - Conservation du Patrimoine Mobilier

Restoration is the method which is used the most.  It consists of restoring their functions (drawers, chairs) to their original appearance.


Our workshops are following the same techniques and using the same tools used at the time your piece of furniture was made. This is done to avoid any alteration to the original piece without showing any signs of our intervention.

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Conservation is a museum technique which permits us to halt any degradation of the original material with modifying the actual appearance.  This technique does not restore the functionality of the furniture.  It does, however, permit to conserve the object to its original state without showing any attempts of previous restorations to modify the object.

Veneer which comes off ? Drawers which stick ? Blocked lock ? ... ? 

Our workshops are held at your disposal to answer your requests.